Mary Tudor, sister to Henry VIII

Mary Tudor (pictured here with her husband, Charles Brandon), was the younger sister of King Henry VIII of England and queen consort of France through her marriage to Louis XII. The latter was more than 30 years her senior; following his death, which had occurred less than two months after her coronation, she married Charles Brandon, first Duke of Suffolk. She was his third wife. This marriage produced four children; and through her eldest daughter, Frances, Mary was the maternal grandmother of Lady Jane Grey, who was the de facto monarch of England for a little over a week in July 1553.

Mary was the fifth child of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, and the youngest to survive infancy. She was born at Richmond Palace. She and her brother, Henry, were close when they were children - he named his daughter, the future Queen Mary I, after her. The warship Mary Rose was also named in her honor.

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