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“And just as at the Olympic games the wreaths of victory are not bestowed upon the handsomest and strongest persons present, but on men who enter for the competitions…so it is those who act rightly who carry off the prizes and good things of life.” - Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, pp 1099a 1

It's time to don your chiton or toga and join the College of Brymstonne for our annual Bacchanal! Join us on Saturday March 22nd at Hollis Park, located south of Broadway on Dorsey, in Tempe. The site will open at 11AM, feast will start at 1PM, and the site will be closing around 5PM.

The games will begin with “The Running of the Minions”! Festivities will include Olympic style games such as discus throwing, spear throwing, and shot-put. The Brymstonne stables will be out again for all you budding equestrians. This year will see 2 new additions, the period Greek games Ephedrismos and Knuckle-bones (we promise no knuckles have been harmed in the organizing of this game).

Live period music is also planned, further details will be announced when available.

Site fee (includes the feast)
$10.00 for adult members
$15.00 for adult non-members
Free for youth (0-17 years of age)

The site fee includes a buffet-style feast. Please bring your feast gear if you plan to partake. The menu will be posted on various Facebook groups, Yahoo groups, and the Brymstonne website as soon as it is available.

For questions concerning site/feast fees, please email our exchequer at

The meal will be served buffet-style, and there will be a limited number of feast spots available the day of the event.

You are welcome to bring blankets if you wish to lounge on the ground or chairs if you prefer upright seating. A permit has been obtained, so the site is damp but keep in mind that glass containers are not permitted. There are some nice large trees, however pavilions are permitted but no staking is allowed. Smoking is allowed. Pets on leashes are welcome, but be prepared to clean up after them. Camping and fires are not allowed. Cars are allowed on paved streets and parking lots only.

Make your best way to US-60. Exit at McClintock Drive and go north to Southern (Southern is the first major street). Turn west (left) onto Southern. Turn south (left) onto S. Dorsey Lane (if you get to Rural, you’ve gone too far). Dorsey Lane ends at the park.

Autocrats (can be reached at
Lady Isabella Capata De La Mar (Betsy Ponce
M'Lord Cynwrig Penbras (Cory Walton)

Feast Stewards (can be reached at
The Honorable Lady Jacquelin of Normandy (Julie Bergdorf)
Lady Rozzie Celley (Michelle Shaurette)